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Contract Engineers - English


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  • This Group for Contract Engineers where you can share information , get knowledge , best practices , news and connect with your colleagues - Contract Engineers

Recent Activities

  • Kristine Khachatryan
    Vacancy-PM /team leader

    Location: Africa

    Feasibility studies and detailed engineering of MV lines and substations around Bissau. This is a African Bank of Development funded project and we are urgently looking for a PM /team leader with an electrical engineering background. Must be proficient in French and in Spanish/Portuguese

    Requirements for this position are:

    - At least 15 years of experiences in feasibility studies and engineering of electrical infrastructure

    - Experience as a team lea...  more
  • Kristine Khachatryan
    Urgent! We need to hire a PMs, PD’s/Team leader, with Electrical engineers profiles, specialized in distribution projects in urban areas

    Location: Africa

    Qualifications and skills:

     A University degree or equivalent qualification of at least three (3) years in an engineering discipline is required. Postgraduate qualification in a relevant electrical or electromechanical engineering field will be an advantage.

     Excellent knowledge of English language, both written and verbal.

     Command of ...  more
  • Hany Ismael
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    Contract Engineer Job Description: A Contract Engineer is a specialist in the field of engineering, who oversees projects, conducts reviews and studies the legalities of the contract between...
  • Hany Ismael
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    The National Building Code (2006) defines contract documents as including the following: i. Contract drawings and specifications prepared by registered architects and registered engineers; ii....
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    For writing specifications for construction contracts, care must be taken to ensure consistency of requirements throughout and conformity with what is written in other documents. This...
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    A contract or tender document in construction industry is an agreement between two parties which they intend to be legally binding with respect to the obligations of each party to the other and...
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    There are different types of construction contracts and their comparison is presented in this article. A construction contract is an agreement between two or more parties to execute the...
  • Megaaa (EngineerBook Team)
    In lump sum construction contract contractor bids a single fixed price for all activities in the project scope. This method is particularly used for large construction projects and is a...