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Cost Control Engineer

What are the roles and responsibilities of Const Control Engineer?
GULAM MUJTABA KHAN on September 12 at 06:31 AM in Cost Control
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Hello Gulam. This is nice question and i would like to share my experience in this one. There is big confusion in the role of cost control engineer. Some Engineers consider Earned Value Management (EVM) as cost control which is not correct in my opinion. Following are the main cost control engineer roles and responsibilities:
1- Calculate the project actual cost if not already provided by the tender department.
2- Provide the required hours (Manpower and Equipment) to execute each activity in the site to the construction team.
3- Compare the spent hours to planned hours for (Manpower and Equipment) and create productivity report.
4- Provide the required materials quantities for each activity in the project.
5- Create wastage report based on activity quantities and what was exchanged from the stores.
6- Calculate the actual cost for each activity in the project.
7- Forecast the project actual cost based on progress information.
8- Report the weakness and be able to figure out where are the activities that are above budget.
9- May evaluate the progress performance by Zone/Area/Discipline/Engineer.
10 Report back to the tender department with company actual costs/rates/productivity to be used in future projects pricing.
I hope this answers your question.
Hany Ismael on September 12 at 01:11 PM
Capturing Actual labour cost for each activity on a Mega Project for all the trades and cost of capturing this data
on September 19 at 01:21 PM
Thank you Mr.Hany Ismael.
GULAM MUJTABA KHAN on September 15 at 12:39 PM