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Open End Activities

What is an open end activity in primavera?

Mahmoud El Refaie on September 06 at 04:11 PM in Planning
4 Answer(s)
Open Ended Activities are those who has no successor or predecessor assigned to them. Only two Open End Activities can be allowed in a schedule i.e. Project Start and Project Finish. Project Start without any predecessor and Project Finish without any successor. If other than these two activities, you have open end activity then you must correct it. Find the activity and assign missing relationship.
Ahmad Jan - PMP, PMI-SP, MPM on October 31 at 11:19 AM

The open end activity is the activity that does not have any successor. Normally open end activity is not accepted in schedule because the total float will be calculate from the end of the project and these entire activities late dates gather at the end of the project and cannot be prepare a logical late start plan.

What is the difference between Retained Logic & Override Logic in progress update?

If a project is generally running according to plan and activities are not progressed out of sequence then there will be virtually no difference between the two methods. BIG differences come when activities are progressed out of sequence.

I believe in retained logic. Invariably that will produce the longest critical path but if activities have been progressed out of sequence, there could be some resulting illogical dependencies remaining, in particular resulting from dependencies with durations.

Progress override invariably produces a shorter critical path and again there could be some illogical lack of dependencies resulting from activities having been progressed out of sequence.

Mahmoud Omara on September 10 at 03:29 PM
activity with only SS relationships in successor