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Baseline Date Changes with Data Date

When I schedule my project, the start date for the baseline changes with the Data Date. Even though I have assigned the Baseline. Can anybody tell me what's the error I am making?
Ghulam Mustafa on November 08 at 07:08 AM in Planning
2 Answer(s)
Hello Mustafa,
I too had this problem earlier.  the mistake what we do is we put the BL Start Date column in the User interface but never observe the the baseline is assigned or not.  We only think we have assigned.  So you check once again whether the Baseline is assigned or not.  
Once the Baseline is properly assigned the dates will never move.
I V RAMANA MURTHY on November 14 at 10:16 AM
Are you showing in your schedule start date or BLstart date? because if you are showing the start date and you did not put actuals, the date will move as per your datadate since it is the actual not the planned. 
Hany Ismael on November 08 at 05:04 PM
I am showing BL start Date. I think after assigning baseline, the baseline start date should not change with data date. Right?
on November 08 at 06:48 PM