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Primavera Relationship Export to Excel

I have around 200 activities with name contains "on site", I need to export the relationships of only these activities in to excel, so i tried to use filter while exporting, filter i need to use is - predecessor name contains -"on site" but unfortunately i cannot find any similar filter for relationship export. any help?
Asif Mahamood on November 10 at 10:03 AM in Planning
2 Answer(s)
Thank you Omar. It was helpful.
Now I need to make changes in Relationships & Lag for these filtered activities in EXCEL and import back to primavera. But i cannot add columns for relationships & lag when export, see the snapshots below
column for relationship

column for lag


so how to modify/change relationship & lag of filtered activities using import export (XLS) procedure in primavera?
Asif Mahamood on November 12 at 05:20 AM
Dear Asif,
While opening "Modify Template" window you can see the drop list menu named Subject Area, you will see you have the two options you selected in the first step which are "Activities & Activities Relationships", you should select "Activities Relationships"

This link has the picture that explains the previous lines:

After you select "Activities Relationships" from the drop list menu you will find your requirements

Check this link for the expla...  more
on November 12 at 11:17 AM
Dear Asif,
You may follow these steps and give me your feedback if it is working properly or not as the answer will be according to what I understood from your question, However these steps may help you:
1-After you select the export format as "XLS", you will mark on "Activities" & "Activities Relationships" in the "Export Type" window and then Click next.
2-Choose the project you want to export, then Next.
3-Now the window you supposed to see is "Select Template" Window.
4-You will click on "Add" button 


5-Click on the "Filter" tab as shown, then select the filter you want to apply or you can "Add" the filter as new filter if it is not shown in the filters menu.

6-Choose where you want to save your "XLS" file.
7-Click Finish and you will have your activities filtered as you wanted.
I tried this way many times and it is applicable for any filter needed, you may try this and give me your feedback so we can find another way to solve this problem if this didn't work.
Omar Mukhtar Qamar on November 11 at 03:16 PM