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How to enter multiple number of same resources in Primavera

I have a question regarding labour allocation in Primavera. If I want to enter say 3 masons per day (with 8h/day each) for an activity in Primavera how should I do it? Should I increase the Budgeted Units/time to 24/d or should I add the mason three times, which is the better way to do it?
Syed Hasan Shirazi on December 03 at 11:48 AM Edited in Planning
1 Answer(s)
After researching the topic on various sites, I have concluded that if you want to add multiple number of same resource then you should change the "Budget Units/time" accordingly. Hence, if you want to add 3 Masons for one activity with 8h/d for each Mason, then change the "Budget Units/time" to 24h/d.
Any further suggestions from anyone?
Syed Hasan Shirazi on December 04 at 02:48 AM