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    I'm Hany Mohamed Ismael

    Planning and Control Manager at Planning Engineer Est.

    business Engineering - Planning

    Previous Planning Engineer Est.

    Education Liverpool University, Faculty Of Engineering - Tanta University

    Expected Salary $7 500.00 / Month

    • Fourteen years of experience in large-scale construction projects (residential buildings, conference center, shopping mall, and infrastructure projects). Involved in project initiation, planning, cost control, monitoring and controlling. Furthermore, I have strong knowledge and practical experience in construction claims and Extension of Time (EOT) delays analysis. BSc Civil Engineering 1998-2003 Tanta University-Egypt, PMP certified 2010 PMI-USA, and Project Management MSc from University of Liverpool-UK 2013-2016. Expert using Oracle Primavera, PCM, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project. Specialized in creating planning tools to facilitate and audit the planning and monitoring processes using advanced excel Macros. Creative in reporting and data visualization. Able to develop, motivate, train, and lead planning team in short time (I was managing a team of 10 planning engineers in my last position). During my career path I worked under the supervision of several reputable project management consultants such as Turner Construction International, Hill International and Dar Al-Handasa.

    • Site Engineer

      Project Name:Development of Alexandria Regional Centre for Women's Health

      Position: Site Engineer (Main Contractor)

      Project Description: Renew and develop a very special 100+ years old palace to serve the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women's Health and construct additional floor with the same design, project value LE 20 Million.

      Job Role: Supervised the construction of project activities such as; concrete, masonry, marble, ceramic, painting, façade stones cladding, MEP works, and landscaping. Prepared time schedule for the project. Performed quantity surveying for the project. And Prepared monthly payment certificate for client

    • Technical Office & Planning Engineer

      Project Name: Lake View Compound

      Position: Technical Office & Planning Engineer (Owner/Client)

      Project Description: Lake View Compound located in the New Cairo district and consists of 600 villas, 5 stars hotel, spa, and special landscape design which enhances the quality of green area and creates a sparkling development. Project value is LE 1 Billion. Under project designer Belt Collins Office U.S.A. 

      Project Website:         http://www.beltcollins.com/portfolio/%23/details/190#/details/190

      Job Role: Performed quantity surveying for the project concrete and landscape works Phase 1, reviewed subcontractor’s payments against actual quantities, monitor steel and concrete wastage. Coordinated with the sales department to set up delivery dates for project Phase 1 (100 villas). Prepared time schedule for project Phase 1 concrete works. Prepare time schedule for project phase 1 landscaping. Supervised the construction of 200 m2 small building (concrete and finishing).

    • Planning Engineer

      Project Name:Al-Qasr Project Package 3B1 & 3B2

      Position:Planning Engineer (Main Contractor)

      Project Description: Package 3B1 & 3B2 construction of six residential buildings (Civil, Finishes, and MEP) each building has a basement and 6 floors, having project value of S.R 72 Million on behalf of owner Dar-Al-arkan Real Estate Development Co. under project managers Turner Construction International, and consultant Dar–Al-Handasa, using software Primavera P3.1.

      Project Website:         http://www.parisianaliving.com/Pages_ar/Home_ar.aspx

      Job Role: I was the project planner, responsible for creating project master and detailed time schedules, materials tracking, shop drawings tracking, review subcontractor’s payment certificates, and prepare the overall payment certificate based on primavera earned value to the client. Prepared and secured the client approval for an EOT due to design changes and variation orders. Prepared the monthly / weekly progress reports and represented the main contractor in front of the client weekly progress meetings.

    • Planning and Control Manager
      business Saudi Constructioneers LTd.

      Project Name:Al Rimal Gated Community Project, May 2015 – April 2016. (1 year)


      Position: Planning and Control Manager (Main Contractor)

      Project Description:  Al-Rimal Gated Community project is located North East of Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. The project is built on land with an area 600,000m² and consists of five types of villas (428 Nos.), five types of apartments (854 Nos.), services apartments, social and recreational facilities and amenities, administration building, utility building, full infrastructure and road network, landscape, parking for 2975 cars and boundary wall. Total buildup area 231,000m². The project contract value is S.R 1.6 Billion + 421 Million variation orders. Project scheduling software was Primavera P6 on behalf of project owner General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), under project consultant Dar Al-Riyadh.


      Job Role: Planning department is responsible for planning, monitoring, and controlling all the project activities including engineering logs/progress, construction progress, productivity rates monitoring, and stores management. I was the head of the planning department representing the main contractor and responsible for directing, managing, and motivating project team to produce effective planes, reports, and recommendations to the client, project manager, and contractor senior management. Because of the planning department efforts, the team produced the following:

      • Detailed time schedule using Primavera 6, Cost and Resource loaded.
      • Shop drawings tracking log, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activities.
      • Materials procurement tracking, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activities.
      • Project database able to identify each activity quantity, budget man hours, budget cost, planned percentage, actual percentage, planned value, earned value, planned hours, earned hours, and spent hours.
      • Stores management system to record and control materials in and out.
      • Different reports to client, project manager, and senior management with different level of details.


      Achievements:Horizontal projects have a special natural especially when it comes to the critical path and resource leveling. The main achievement of the planning department in this project was the development of workable, coordinated, and resource leveled schedule that reflects a reasonable critical path based on project decomposing to stages.


      The project superstructure was precast concrete, which makes the precast subcontractor a key player in the project sequence of work. First, all footings should be ready by the date precast subcontractor will start the precast panels erection. Then, planning of the finishes and MEP teams that will start after the precast works to maintain the volume of work constant in order to avoid any ideal days for the finishes and MEP teams waiting for precast subcontractor to finish.


      Furthermore, by monitoring the construction productivity rates, planning department was able to identify and report the activities that spent high hours with less production to take- correction actions not to exceed the project budget man hours. Finally, since the project scope of work is huge, planning, monitoring, and controlling the stores was tangible and effective. By linking the materials quantities to the activities quantities and progress percentage, stores report helped the project manager to identify the location, activity, and responsible person for materials with high wastage percentage.


      Project Name:   King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Conference Center, July 2011- April 2015. (3 year and 10 months)

      Position: Planning Manager (Main Contractor)

      Project Description:  KAFD Conference Center is a land mark project located in the new King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, built up area is 128,000 m², having original contract project value S.R 755 + 201 Million variation orders for the finishes, MEP, and mega roof scope of works. Project scheduling software was Primavera P6 and PCM on behalf of project owner Rayadah Investment Company, under project manager Hill International.

      Project Website:         http://www.som.com/projects/kafd_conference_center


      Job Role: Being the head of the planning department was a real challenge for me. The project involved too many parties from different cultures starting with the designer office from USA, Façade subcontractor from Italy, MEP subcontractor from Lebanon, Steel Structure subcontractor from Jordan, and other local subcontractors from Saudi Arabia. Our role as a planning department of the main contractor is to coordinate with all different parties, and create a project management plan to the project client as per Hill International standards, and as per the following:


      • Detailed time schedule using Primavera 6, Cost and Resource loaded.
      • Cost loading sheets using Microsoft Ex
      • Manpower loading sheets using Microsoft Ex
      • Shop drawings tracking log, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activities.
      • Materials procurement tracking, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activit
      • Productivity rates monitoring.
      • Time claims (EOT) to the client, and evaluate subcontractors EOT.
      • Weekly/Monthly client and senior management progress reports.
      • Chair the weekly planning meetings with the subcontractors.

      Achievements:The main achievement for the planning department in this project represented by the successful coordination and the tangible support to the project team. In addition to the project primavera detailed schedule, we created an Excel sheet called “Mini Schedule” for every Engineer on the project. The Mini schedule represents a further breakdown to the primavera activities for the Engineer tasks, and it able to calculate the planned values, planned man-days, planned percentages, draw bar chart, and histograms for weekly quantities, manpower, and productivity rates. As a result, we have a detailed record for the project and effective method to export the updates to primavera directly.

      Having more than 100 variation orders issued by the client was the main reason of the project delays. Therefore, planning department had a challenging task to coordinate with the project team/subcontractors to study the variation orders impacts, collect supporting documents, develop delays analysis, create influence schedules, prepare delays narrative report, calculate the prolongation costs, and submit full extension of time (EOT)/ project claim for the client approval. Furthermore, I was the main contractor representative in front of the client/subcontractors during the claim reviewing and negotiation meetings in Dubai and Riyadh


      Project Name:Al-Qasr Mall Project, May 2008 to June 2011 (3 year and 2 months)

      Position:Senior Planning Engineer (Main Contractor)

      Project Description: Al-Qasr Mall project located in Riyadh, three stories commercial and shopping center. Build-up area is 250,000 m², and project value S.R 606 + 161 Million variation orders Project scheduling software was Primavera P6 on behalf of project owner Dar-Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Co. Under project managers Turner Construction International (TCI) and project consultant Saudi Diyar Consultant.

      Project Website:         http://www.parisianaliving.com/Pages_ar/Home_ar.aspx

      Job Role: I was involved in the project planning and monitoring from the project excavation stage to the final handing over. Although, this project was a straightforward project at the beginning, but lot of variation orders (27% of original contract value) were issued by the client during the finishing phase, which makes it a challenging task, especially to prepare, assist, and approve EOT from Turner Construction International. My main job role was to prepare, update, and revise the project management plan as per the following:

      • Detailed time schedule using Primavera 6, WBS as per master format.
      • Cost loading sheets using Microsoft Excel, then upload to primavera.
      • Manpower loading sheets using Microsoft Excel, then upload to primaver
      • Shop drawings tracking log, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activities.
      • Materials procurement tracking, Excel sheets linked to Primavera activit
      • Productivity rates monitoring.
      • Time claims (EOT) to the client, and evaluate subcontractors EOT.
      • Weekly/Monthly client and senior management progress reports.


      Achievements:In addition to the close monitoring, reporting, and project EOT, I have prepared a feasibility study with the project manager to evaluate the acceleration cost associated with crashing the time schedule for the concrete works by three months to dismantle the company owned tower cranes and reuse them in another project rather than renting (2 years contract). Senior management approved and authorized our feasibility study which involves saving of S.R 600,000.

    • Planning and Control Manager
      business Planning Engineer Est.

      Project Description: Being the head of the planning department for a company/project requires smart thinking to ensure success. I was successful to manage this position in my previous company for several years, but I realized that planning could be more effective if combined with smart tools using recent technology. Therefore, after completing my MSc in Management of Construction Projects and Infrastructure, 8 years working for my pervious company, I decided to dedicate my full time to develop my own training materials, tools, and techniques. This step to allow me to be fully prepared for the next challenge (Planning and Control Manager) with training materials and tools to my planning team, smarter solutions for the complex natural of construction projects, and complete planning, monitoring, and controlling techniques.


      Achievements:From the lessons learned, previous experience, and academic study, I have developed the following during the past year:

      • Full basic training program for new planning engineers.
      • Advanced training program for senior planning engineers to perform tasks faster and more efficient.
      • Intensive training for project team to understand the claims in construction projects and how to develop claims/Extension of Time (EOT) using different analysis methods.
      • Many excel tools to deal with large scope of work data and reduce the time required to perform planning tasks.
      • Smart reporting system that can be shared with different departments (special report for each department) Online/Offline.

    • BSC. Civil Engineering 1998-2003
    • Certification Authority Project Management Institute
      License Number 1367336
    • English
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • Arabic
      Proficiency Native or Bilingual
      • oracle primavera
      • Microsoft Excel
      • Project Planning
      • Scheduling
      • Team management
      • project management
      • cost control
      • resource management
    • Oracle Primavera
      Associated with Planning

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